Genesis of some sort

So to celebrate the coming of June, I suppose, I am starting the gym. My brother and I have goals and I guess that I should accomplish them. Is that what you should be doing with goals? Whatever. To start off with, I can squat my usual weight (my maximum) and the same goes for shoulder press and tricep exercises. However, my biceps have gotten significantly weaker since I last exercises regularly. All in all, a good start for this fitness journey of mine.

Regarding my art, I guess I will prepare an album where I will scan two pages at once when I complete them. Either that or I will post them every Wednesday with an accompanying post. I will probably do that for moreĀ organization. My schedule for posts will most likely change but I want to create a template: Mondays I will do the post of the day inspired by WordPress, Wednesdays I will post pictures of my art (this week is exempt), and Fridays I will be doing a fashion/photography post (or even both). I am very excited to share my eye with the world and hopefully, some of you can find it appealing. Have a great day!


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