Fashion Fridays: Summer Nighttime Attire

So this is actually meant for Friday but just pretend that the day in which this was published was 3 June 2016. For today’s outfit I decided to add a touch of color with these orange pants. Colored pants are a staple in anyone’s closet because they allow you to look more eccentric. The pants are from Banana Republic and they are a Slim Straight fit. I have moved on from skinny pants, they do not appeal me and they look less professional. Seeing the folds in ironed, straight pants adds shape, which is always used in fashion nowadays.

The shirt and fedora are from Cotton On, which is one of my favorite stores to shop at. They have very nice mid-length shirts for men and their women’s dresses are so chic and modern. This shirt has actually fit me better ever since I began to exercise my upper body more aggressively. It feels great and not too heavy for Miami’s weather. Its pattern has an ethnic theme that I celebrate and the contrast of white and black gives me a graphic appearance. The fedora adds more visual stimulation with its greyscale shapes but I would not wear it at night because to me it does not make sense to wear headgear at night. It also lets you hide your bedhead hair, which really helped me in this post. It’s summer, okay?

I regret not doing so but jewelry really complements this outfit very well. If you want to wear bracelets, keep them minimal because your arms would look heavier if they had more dark accents. I would keep it simple: either a ring or a necklace, but no choker for this shirt has a black collar that actually looks like a necklace. My shoes are nonexistent because this is my first post and I forgot that shoes are integral, my mom mostly buys me Sperry’s shoes and I did not feel like putting on socks.

With this I bid you guys a great day! And cheers to the beginning of Fashion Fridays!


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