Sketchbook 1: Openings

So this Wednesday I decided to give a foursome (oops) and provide for the world four of my sketchbook pages, although two include my covers which have way too many stickers on them.

The tree, doughnut, monkey, love, notebook, and cupcake stickers. And who can forget a multitude of hearts? I love all of my stickers equally because we are all a family; they all provide me with comfort.

I have always been bad with intros, whether that be through my papers or through my sketchbooks, so I just decided to make the wavy mountain design that I saw on tumblr somewhere. I also swatched some watercolor colors and got some strange design that looks like I melted something. I like it and I also like to play with textures. So for those of you that have a fear of blood then beware because there might be some in the following pages. Thank you all and have a great day!


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