Fashion Fridays: Nude and Denim, Untucked

Yet again we have another Fashion Fridays post on Saturday. Listen yesterday I was being social and completely forgot to prepare it on Thursday so just bask in the weekend’s “fashion” post. So as soon as I got home from the gym I had some alone time and was thinking “shit let me do something really quickly.” So I slapped on some overalls with this sweaty shirt and here we are.

The shirt is an XS t-shirt that fits so snuggly onto my shoulders and chest. It is from Aéropostale and it has a design on it: polar bears are sipping on some red solo cups on some ice sheets. A casual frosty day in lovely Antarctica. Going with a shirt that emulates your skin tone is really amazing for anyone of any color.

The overalls are from the Gap in Gainesville and they are actually supposedly women’s overalls but when I tried them on I knew they needed to be mine. I got them on clearance for under 10 dollars. The amazing part of overalls is that, for men, it leaves a lot of space in your nether region so your underwear never get in a twist. plus you can roll them up and look more casual and summer-esque. When I roll them up I wear sandals to make my legs look longer, a trick many women use when they wear nude pumps with no ankle straps.

To really make yourself stand out you can break one of the straps and just let it hang out like a flaccid penis. Honestly the day these broke I was so livid because I only had them for a few months but luckily my grandmother is a seamstress. #RIPOveralls

Until next time, stay crystallized!


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