Almost like a hangover

I believe that for most members of the LGBTQ community, today has been a day of rebuilding. Reestablishing our trust, our faith, our pride. We all experience journeys in which our spirits are completely shattered and for me it was when I came out to my parents. Everything goes downhill into a state of oblivion and you forget who you are, what you live for and why people around you are the way they are. This tragedy of the human race has set us back a few steps in reaching full equality and respect, but I have no doubts in our ability as a community to reunite and stay strong in this moment of peril.

I was at home, relaxing, and then it comes on Univision with accounts of the parents of some of the Puerto Rican victims. Luckily the families were in full support because the only thing that could have made this worse was seeing a family say: this is what he gets for being gay and embracing himself. Honestly the thought that this could have happened is a sign that we are still lightyears away from achieving our goal.

My family being in the room during the broadcast made it seem so haunting but it was so horrifying to hear what they knew about the situation. It is so unfair that these families have had to go through this. Over fifty families are so devastated. Support them, simply letting your words roam the internet, your ideas, helps everyone so much. It helps us unite and supports those who feel worthless after this incident.

I want everyone to stay safe, regardless of where you are. Hope for the best, support the families of these innocent victims and pray that this does not spark a frenzy of attacks. Most importantly, do not let this break you because we all have a bond. When one of us is hurt, we all feel the pain, so let us all be stronger than yesterday and strive forward.



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