Sketchbook 2: Females

So for this Wednesday I am uploading the next two pages of my personal sketchbook. On the left I started out drawing the worst hair I have ever seen in my life. I blended it with water (since eI was using ink) and just continued to do so all over the page with watercolors. It still is a failure to me but I like colors so I found the beauty in it. Wabi Sabi is this Japanese idea that we need to find the beauty in imperfection; I actually did a series based on Wabi Sabi back in high school art class. But in the end I like all of my art, whether or not it is good. I feel you should always be yourself: today I was wearing my neon green Gator Nights (#ItsGreatUF) fanny pack and people stared at me on the street. Flaunt what you want!

However, my second page was this female I found. I actually only needed a reference for the face and how eyes look when someone cries. I ended just eyeballing (get it?) it, going based off how the cartoon females look in my head. I used some cheap dollar store ink pens in black, silver, and gold to achieve the right side. They have such an amazing consistency and blend with the black very well.

But yeah, I might be doing a fanny pack pedestrian outfit for tomorrow, going to start having fun with them rather than irregular fashion choices.

Have a safe and great day! Stay crystallized.



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