Fashion Fridays: Greyscale and Blood Summer Daytime Look

Can we just bask in the glory that is having a Fashion Friday on a Friday?

This week’s look is a little more boisterous than my previous ones because it features most of my favorite elements to a look. The choker I actually got yesterday at Hot Topic for $8.50. It brought four crystals and is definitely going to be worn more times than not from now on. I like chokers on any skin tone because if you are pale it emphasizes your bone structure by complimenting the dark shadows of your face (if the choker is black). If you are darker it adds a sinister quality that yields beauty to your look, and if you put black lipstick on: bless your heart because it looks divine.

I can talk about accessories all day but let us move on to the T-shirt. I rarely wear plan shirts like this because I am just not a fan but I wanted simplicity in the overall look. It is a medium-sized fitted vee from Banana Republic. Usually I wear either a small or extra-small shirt size but beggars cannot be choosers. I work with what I am given.

The shorts are “very Cuban” according to my family but they are from American Eagle. I find them to be very comfortable and the more I wear them and exercise, the more my butt fits into the “jorts.” Taking denim above the knee is extremely approachable and I love doing it. I also like the way these shorts look when they are not rolled up; there is no hem and it has a torn look. My outfit was more uptight hipster than it is grunge and rock-and-roll so I went with rolling them up.

The suspenders are from H&M which is a newfound obsession of mine, honestly. They are still in stock to this day so get them while you can because I am so in love with everything about them. Shoes are Sperry’s. I needed a pop of color to give this some nice flare so I went with a red to complement this greyscale ensemble. I would wear this during the day but then again I am eccentric so what does that say about the wearability of this?

In all seriousness I love this outfit and I hope you do too! Stay tuned for more and stay crystallized.

P.S.: I am looking to invest in a better camera because this one is a little outdated so expect some low-quality photographs for now but I am working on it.


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