20 June Solstice

Summer. I have been in my summer vacation for about a month and a half and I have yet to go to the beach. Still, I have started this blog, done French lessons, and signed up for a class that starts tomorrow. I feel successful so far but I also feel like I have not done much this summer.

What is summer to me? A start of something new. My birthday is the winter equinox, so for anyone whose birthday is today I feel a connection. An astrological one, where we are the cosmic lines of the universe. We unite the seasons and mark a new age. Summer is a season to explore nature and sweat a load off, especially in Miami where the humidity and temperature are always higher than my self-esteem. I have had the relief of going on walks during the day to look at different neighborhoods and their plants around where I live. I recommend at least doing that to either start exercising or pass some time.

Speaking of fitness, an update on my fitness journey: I weigh 148 pounds (I have gained four pounds in mainly muscle) and have increased the weight I can lift in all of the exercises I do, especially squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. I am so happy; I will have transformation pictures in a month, maybe.

I hope summer has begun in a fabulous way for all of you! Whoever reads this, please go for a nature walk. It really changes your life, makes you appreciate the air you breathe. It might rain soon in my area of Miami, so that is always fun. “We live where you vacation.”

Have a great day and stay crystallized.



7 thoughts on “20 June Solstice

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