Sketchbook 3: Realism + Haven

There was a day in which a wee little grown man decided to valley into the park he lives next to. After doing so, I sat in the middle of the tennis courts and just started to draw. I personally do not think I draw exceptionally well but with enough time I can make something work out. This time it was obviously the tennis courts I drew.

This park and these courts specifically are so important to me because I grew up here. I went, contemplated, and conquered my fears here. I met friends and have hung out endlessly here. I still do all of these things in this haven of mine. I hope all of you have havens near you because I have actually met someone whose haven is anywhere but with his parents. He is such an inspiration to me and I barely know him. I never realized what I had until I spoke to him for an hour. Times like this make me go back this place of mine. The smell of grass and humidity only feels good in this place. I love going here to draw.

I do not have much to say of this piece of mine because it is realism and I do not like realism much compared to expressionism. I cannot wait to make this next Fashion Friday! Would love any feedback to this new theme, by the way. I am not sure if it complements my aesthetic.

I hope you all have a great day and stay crystallised.



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