Fashion Fridays: Melt your heart out

If you are looking for real fashion, this is a disclaimer. I am a nerd who just likes to dress up and stand out. More like statement pieces. We will now continue with this week’s edition of fashion fridays.

I looked in my closet and realized everything else I had in my wardrobe is boring so I slapped together a light-colored outfit. I have always loved this shirt but it is a medium so it was always super hot. However with my slight muscle build that is newly acquired I feel so amazing in this shirt indoors. Now in the matter of taking these pictures I was already sweating because this is a heavy shirt, so I recommend taking this to an air-conditioned restaurant. You can even roll up the sleeves, which is what I do often because for family parties I am always going inside and outside so I obviously burn up. By the way it is from Hollister. I love their plaid shirts.

The shorts are literally God-given. I wear them so much that the button broke and had to replace it. They are Jeffrey Max and they wrap around my legs so comfortably. They are rather thin so any breeze could go through them. They are also prep length; I recommed this because it looks flattering on all body types and skin tones for men (although I do not see how certain skin tones would not look fabulous showing more skin).

The shoes are statements. When I go “simple” up top I like to have a strong shoe because I like to stand out. Plus I wanted to have a bright outfit, which works beautifully for mid to dark skin tones.

For accessories I just had the bracelets I never take off but I never like to wear chokers with shirts that go pretty high up on the neck. I would recommend an anklet but nothing above the chest. The shirt itself lends to a lot of visual diversity so having a contrast somewhere else high up in your outfit would be overpowering.

Well that’s it for this week’s Fashion Fridays. Can’t wait for my first stats exam a week after starting the class. So thrilled. Very excite.

I hope you all have a great day and stay crystallised.


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