Deserted Mind

Emotional Drought.

One’s family is always the safety net of emotions that an individual should have but in the LGBTQ community this is not always the case.

Sadness plagues a majority of our community and I feel that this is partly because adults are still not in the know of being open-minded. I know it is hard to shrug off traditionalist values that were instilled into them but I have molded myself after being exposed to lots of readings, people and instructors. I always learn new viewpoints to certain topics that could be touchy.

When regarding someone’s emotional state, especially your own son’s, you should not remain close-minded because in the end it will only destroy the family. It does take time but in my situation time has not been a dear friend. It has only brought more anguish, almost as if the feelings of resentment are aging. They become more ripe the more you let them sit out.

Please take the seed of modern thinking and plant it anywhere that needs it. Do not let anyone be deprived of freedom. The freedom to be themselves, the freedom to think what they want, the freedom to do whatever they want in an environment where they will not be ostricized.

We need to change the upcoming generation; we are a great deal advanced compared to the previous few generations but we still have some work ahead of us.

Anyway, I hope all of you are staying dry and polished because there has been a lot of rain as of late in my city. Have a great day and stay crystallized.



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