Sketchbook 4: Misc. Tea Stained Creatures

I was still obsessed with these pens of mine so I decided to give some more illustrational love to my sketchbook.

On the left I used this brand of sunscreen as an inspiration. Sun bum is such a cute brand and their banana chapstick is amazing. I also had a bunch of little doodles of flowers (you will always see nature, save a few pages). So I uploaded this unfinished and I was so busy fishing that I never updated it. So unprofessional. Whatever. Plus the mobile app for WordPress was not working for my upload so I typed up a long essay of a post and it did not upload!

Since I am so obsessed with crystals as well, I decided to draw some clumps that resemble them to me. For tea-staining I love to experiment with different types of tea. I always find that green tea gives a nice, neutral, greenish-brown color that goes well with anything. In the future I intend to use different types of tea to give different colors; herbal teas work great for this.

Rowlet. That is the starter I am going to choose for the new Pokémon Sun and Moon games that are coming out in November. I am so excited for this that I had to draw him. Not only is he the grass starter (which has always ben my favorite starter type), but he is also the first to use a new grass-type move as his first move and the first dual-type non-evolved starter. Talk about iconic. I am so excited to see how this owl progresses.

I always use dripping because it adds so much emotion and dimension. I probably take it from my art teacher in high school because he was super into that. You live and you learn.

Aside from that I wish you all a great day. I am in the Keys so I might uplaod some beautiful pictures of that. You can always go to my instagram to see some cool pictures. But stay crystallized.



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