Fashion Fridays: School Spirit

Still in the Keys. Might make a post about it.

For this week’s Fashion Fridays I was lazy and environmentally friendly because I went to the gym and wore this shirt. For the purpose of keeping a clean shirt before my class I just stuck with this so today’s look was showing my school pride. Go gators! For the top none of you can have it since it is exlusive to current sophomores at the University of Florida. I wanted to add some flare and heat so I took a bandanna and used it as an ascot. They are so cute and really are a statement piece (which I love). Although they do not allow for necklace space, unless you are like me and go big and wear a long necklace with this.

The shorts are really comfortable and wearable, just some simple blue shorts of any type. These are prep length because I enjoy some kneecaps showing. The socks and shoes combo are my favorite because it screams skater but for me it is a wannabe skater moment. There are from Ross and they were on sale! The socks are just from Sports Authority. The usual bracelets for today.

Sorry for all of the late posts, I am almost leaving the Keys so I will be updating my blog with some photographs in the next few days.

For now just have a great night and stay crystallized.


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