Blooming Awareness

Another freedom post, lovely.

To not have anyone ruling you is so liberating. The first few days I first lived alone in college were so intense because I was finally in charge of when I ate, when I went to the gym and what I wanted to do at night. I did not have to ask for permission to simply walk out of the house and go for a walk. The sheer capabilities I had were so heavy that I became so aware of the dangers life can hold. The people that want to hurt you are so much closer than you think, and their interests are toxic to one’s life.

Handle yourself in a humane way and rewards will cross your path. The impurities in life will uphold themselves if you do not act quickly and purge yourself of them. You know what can help you with this?

Mystery – The Wise Man and the Mountain.

Human Anthem – I Am Who I Am.

Remember who you are when you begin to doubt your change in character. When I was going through changes in personalities, I was so afraid of who college was turning me into but with the help of musical reassurance, I soon realized that my mind can be easily molded into different perspectives. Thank you, psychology.

For this day of freedom, always keep in mind your morals. Establish them and come back to them in times of need.

Have a free day and stay crystallized.



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