Sketchbook 5: Human Darkness

I started getting more inspiration from Tumblr in this next duo. So let’s get started in this week’s sketchbook reveal.

On the left I tried emulating silver nail extensions from a haunting hand because my obsession with hands is unreal. They are so beautiful in the way they describe the way someone is feeling. I am not talking about reading someone’s palm, okay? I am more into how the roughness, marks, bones really outline a human’s work ethic and style. I love rings for that reason: they accentuate what you would like to show off. Anyway, i am side tracking. The left side of this sketchbook is what I just spoke about with a parasol. I was in the Keys while I was drawing this and the umbrella was so beautiful that I decided to want to fail at drawing something again and have it in my sketchbook forever. Lips. There is also another blob that is supposed to resemble a rock/crystal but whatever. The lyrics are from Jennifer Holliday’s “And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going.” Such a powerful song meant to capture the listeners. I am going to adore it to my death, for it speaks volumes about how I feel towards certain people.

I also tea-stained both of these pages with some old tea with leaves to give some dark accents. I love how it came out.

On the right the image is from tumblr and it was a black, dripping square with rods sticking out of the corners and making another square in the front. I used hot glue to make the strange melting feeling and piled on a dollar store silver pen that I absolutely love. Super reflective with a touch of 3-Dimensonal media. Also, i misspelled Human Error on purpose because it is a human error, duh. More tea staining and black watercolor and you have a very striking square.

I am so happy to see that people are actually visiting my blog. I never knew I could actually get people to read what I write and it makes me so grateful to everyone who has ever laid eyes upon my blog.

For today, everything is about you, the reader. Thank you so much, have a great day and stay crysallized.



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