Fashion Fridays: Neutral Plant

Sorry for the late post on this week’s edition of Fashion Fridays but I completely forgot to do it a few hours ago so here we are.

This cardigan of mine, first of all, was my favorite go-to back in high school because it is so soft and the color is very descriptive of my personality. If you live in a cooler city, you can use a white polo underneath because it is so beautiful and preppy. The cardigan is from Banana Republic and it is a size small. Rolling up the sleeves gives a really clean look and calls more attention to the fact that it’s a dude.

The shorts are from Banana Republic as well and are really nice-fitting especially around my lower quads. I do not like baggy shorts unless it is part of the look, and this time I wanted something slightly smaller in the inseam so I can feel more confident. The shoes were old shoes from tennis with way too many holes in them (I am running out of shoes to show on this blog, oops). The socks are from Polo and their height is so cute: not too long and not too short. However, if you wear longer shorts, I would warn you in wearing socks at this height because your legs could look a lot shorter. The same goes for girls, the more ankle straps you wear as well as the more ankle heels you wear, the shorter it makes your legs look. That is why I love prep-length shorts, because they are so flattering on men.

Today’s jewelry was a wrap around choker that is made out of green enamel wire, the same that your parents probably use to wrap their orchids to a wooden stick. I was going to make a cage with it but I did not have the time and effort to make an elaborate artistic piece. For now I am going to try and make more statement pieces to make these more interesting.

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay crystallized!


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