The Will of Fire

Cowardice, cowering in fear, never living up to your expectations of yourself.

A lot of things in high school always made me be aware of my actions and second-guess myself. That is human nature. What makes us warriors is our ability to counteract the judgment we place on ourselves and fight back. There are certain things that you can do to make yourself overcome your inner saboteur. It may sound basic, but you have to not care what other people think about you.

When I would see someone doing something I would not do, I would stop in the moment and think.

“Why are they doing that? Why do they have no care for what others think of their actions? What can I do to support them?”

I usually come out of this internalized interrogation with the urge to smile at them, give them hope that sometimes what people think is positive. I love catching the glimmer of their eyes when they realize the support of other people is what keeps them going. Just as I feed off this support, I know that other people do too. You should not give the face of judgment, for this poison makes the overall happiness and personality expression of someone dim.

As a country, a community, we must unite and allow for the equalized treament of everyone. Some people do not have the Will of Fire to continue to exhibit their normal behavior and we are losing the ability to have quality thinkers in our hands. Give someone a hug, make a smoothie, talk to them and just listen.

Of course I had to use a Naruto reference for the post of cowardice.

Thank you for everything, have a great day, and stay crystallized.



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