Sketchbook 6: Fate + Length of One’s Life

Hello everyone, today’s sketchbook unraveling has some of the blood of yours truly. I nosebleed relatively frequently so this one time it would just not stop. As a result I obviously whipped out the hot glue and placed it in an interesting way. I love the way it came out, especially after I applied a matte clear coat that I got at Michael’s. I love matte-ifying my life. On the lower right corner I used a dark red, almost a plum, watercolor to add some dimension although having applied water to the edges of the blood splatter already gave me a gradient of color that I embraced because pale colors are my favorites. I really wanted to make a dramatic statement that all lives matter; that regardless of your impurities, you too can live your life free of danger. I know that is impossible but we have to make leaps forward and luckily we are living in a generation that promotes speaking up and being actively free.


For the second page, I found inspiration from an image on weheartit where this woman had jeans with flowers sticking out of them. I clearly thought of my own flowers and saw some from my backyard because hers were far more intricate and plentiful. I have lots more plants later on but I also had these ribbons that I borrowed from my grandmother. The message is clear and conceptual. I am thanking my parents with a subtext of nothing and a footnote denoting what I am thanking them for. There are obviously good things I can thank them for but I also have to thank them for the death of my happiness. These flowers represent the life I am clinging onto, yet they wither, as does my hope for achieving the acceptance I once had.

I would like to leave it at that because I can speak of my feelings for pages and pages, but I guess this ends today’s view into my thoughts. I hope to have some creative piece on for Fashion Fridays but you are just going to have to check in on Friday to find out.

Have a great day and stay crystallized.



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