Fotografía Fridays 1: North of Nature

Fotografía is Spanish for Photography, for your information.

So today I would usually have some outfit with a demi-cool choker or necklace made out of weird materials, but I was feeling the nature side of my interests and decided to go for a walk and take some photographs. No self-portraits today. And please excuse the low quality. From now on I am going to use my phone because this old and cheap camera is not for sunny days.


My first encounter was with a purple-lilac colored flower that I adore. These are very common in this park and there is actually another better picture on my instagram that you can find underneath my picture. I love how they grow and their flowers are so beautiful. I tried capturing some and putting them in my sketchbook but they are so delicate that their essence can only be seen naturally.


These red flowers give a really cool feel to this side of the park. The flaming scarlet these trees have on their leaves makes me very relaxed for some reason. The amount of shade they have is also to die for. I enjoy standing below them and simply breathing. Feeling the oxygen circulating your body, getting a taste of flavorless wind. I love all of it.


Imagine being in a place where nothing matters, where the frolicking of children warms the hearts of many and gives us copious amounts of headaches and dopamin, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. I love being here; neither words nor photographs can express the solitude I feel but this haven of mine grounds my turbulent emotions. The grass is always greener in Kansas. I’m from Miami, though.

I hope you all enjoyed a different sort of Friday and continue to enjoy it, for it is only beginning. Have a safe night and stay crystallized.


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