Heart of Glass

I am not sure if Mondays are meant to convey meanings of sadness but for some reason all of the words that come up are always super negative but nonetheless here we are again.

The thing with being frail is that everyone believes that it is only detrimental. I have been so emotionally sensitive for about a third of my life but I have grown so much from learning from the effects of being frail. Of course we all have to face an event that makes us question how strong we are as humans but I find peace in going back to my roots (not because I bleached my hair for a while). Finding a home in art and friends helped me create a foundation I can always go back to. Honestly I have begun to lose myself in the ongoing parasite that is promiscuity, but having people that see my intelligence has made me want to cling on to whatever life I have left. For as long as there is information to be absorbed, I feel my purpose will be to grab a hold to that and hold it in my arms. Finding validity in myself using other people is not fair, but you know what I am tired of feeling shitty all the time. I am strong, I can outlast any mistakes I make with the sheer motivation to succeed.

After having been so negative all the time, I saw that my own experiences deserve a story time, I just need to find the right time to tell them. Whoever you are, you can shine bright in a room full of lifeless stars. Rekindling any of your past pleasures and making something new of them will definitely teach you a lesson or two, so if you are afraid of trying new things due to your fallibility, just go out and explore. Worry about your rapture later on, but live life doing what you want because from my experiences you will live more peacefully.

Have a great day everyone and don’t forget to stay crystallized.



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