Sketchbook 7: Misc. Watercolor

This week’s post is a little bit late and I am sorry but I have been pretty busy today with birthday parties. However, now I show the least favorite pages. I was outside one day in my backyard and decided to try and draw the plants I used in one of my Fashion Fridays where I had plants in front of my face. It turned out horrible because I am not the best at still lives. However, I did get new watercolors for the right page.

On the left page the reference is “walking children in nature,” which is from Rupaul’s Drag Race, specifically by Tammie Brown. She is so funny and hysterical and this nature reference is tied to committing suicide to represent the depressed and suicidal plant lovers like I used to be. The blood splatter is also emminent so there’s that (it is actually red watercolor, not blood). I have clarify whether I am using watercolor or blood, which is something I never thought I would have to specify.


For the second page I was experimenting with different figures with this new watercolor set. Hello Kitty, a flower, dripping in jewels from a dotted ribbon, an eye with a glittering brow, a human crying tears of blood and tears of sadness, and a collarbone. This choker is so beautiful and I actually want to make it one day so I can feature it in an outfit. I always feel this sense of commanding when I am with someone, almost like I am eager to pay attention to them and for them to give me attention that I forget about my surroundings. The whole experience turns into a euphoria that I seek bliss in turmoil beyond grasping.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s sketchbook openings, I will try to post earlier in the day but regardless of the time of day you should always stay crystallized.


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