Fashion Fridays: Talk about Spandex

So today I decided to compile an outfit that was more muted and had a tight-fitting shirt and shorts.


This shirt is from Sport’s Authority. Talk about a memory. My mother bought it because it is meant to trap heat for the Gainesville winters in college. I ran with it and it made me sweat more than I would have when I wear only a short-sleeved even if it was cold. Fashion-wise it is so chic and fitted. It is hard for me to find shirts I like because of the proportions of my upper body so this one is really amazing on my body. Long-sleeves with tight collars look so good and a crop top would make it so much more complementary with the choker.


This choker is the same one with the same clear crystal. Again, looks amazing around a tight collar. Go out and buy a velvet choker with crystals, it will change your outlook on life.


For shoes I had some black Sperry’s because they are old and have a tattered look to them despite being such a “regal shoe” in today’s society. I also wanted to make sure the shoe I chose elongated my legs because these shorts are somewhat long and can create the appearance of short legs. Again, this is what ankle straps in women’s heels do, especially with dresses that are a bit past the knee.


As you can see, the outfit is relatively tight, obviously nothing like Spandex or a body suit. This choker is not the most attractive thing from the back but females usually have longer hair to cover the back so just embrace who you are, dude. I would also wear a nice, shiny ring.

I would like to apologize for how late I am posting these things, by the way. I have not been feeling great lately. That’s the life of an apathetic teenager. I encourage anyone to reach out to me with your issues because I love to talk to people and help them figure out their problems.

I hope you all enjoyed returning to Fashion Fridays, see you guys on Monday! Stay crystallized.


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