Lost but not yet Found

Okay as much as I appreciate how much WordPress likes for us to talk about our havens, but girl. At this point we are just talking about it every Monday for some reason.

Actually, let me discuss another one of my sanctuaries. When I am at the gym I feel so proud of myself for making an effort to be healthy as well as adding to my goal. In a year maybe I will be at the body type I am aiming for. I want to be able to mix in femininity and masculinity into visual body art via fashion and painting. There is this model (and porn star, oops) named François Sagat that uses this very well. His instagram and different works have him as a muscular individual playing with the idea of heels, makeup, body art, and installations. I love the idea of being fluid with your gender and am very excited to start playing around with that when I get back to college come August. For me being in a safe environment is your home and for me that is being either surrounded by art or becoming art. Plus, who does not want muscles? I want to play with the idea of genders to the point where that is what I am most known for. For me, that is the purest form of art: not caring for the binary classification of actions in this world.

Obviously having someone that supports your journey between the gender line is even better. Most people in this day and age do not have the openmindedness to be with someone, even if just around them in public, that does not conform. How cheesy would it be to compare this to being a Divergent in the Divergent movie? I don’t know, just let me know again about your sanctuaries. Let’s see how this molds to fit culture and personalities.

Thank you, have a great day and stay crystallized.



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