Sketchbook 8: Sadness in Nature

So for this week’s sketchbook reveal I have a few little drawings.

On the left I drew a female whose face is ripping in half to reveal flowers. In the photo this emulates the woman’s insides were black and so was her hair. I decided to add no color because I love how lines look with no color. I tend to stay away from filling in shapes, unless it is truly required. I also love to use flowers and leaves, which you may see later on. I have used these pink flowers for over a year in my art because they are so common in Miami and they always fall off the plants easily so I can go to street-picking. Street-picking is something I do to accomplish four tasks: relieve myself of sadness, find fallen flowers and give them a home, go hunting for Pokèmon, and do some cardio. I find that this woman represents how I feel on the inside. Plants do not judge you and they are so peaceful yet complex in how they live their lives. I wish to have a family of plants in the near future, only then would I feel truly in a sanctuary.


Sticking to the theme of faces, I decided to draw another face I saw on weheartit. It was a dark-skinned woman with colorful makeup and glasses but I left it neutral again. I really enjoyed the shape of her hair and decided to keep it that away, even though I go for messy do’s when I decide to freelance and draw a human. Again, the use of tears never escapes me. I guess not talking about my feelings to a lot of people results in having my art take taht emotion. Underneath, without tears, is the eye of Kirito from Sword Art Online, one of my favorite anime. I love his strength and honestly the fights in that show were amazing. Additionally, I have never seen Spirited Away but that character is just way too cute so I also drew it.

I am sorry about the late post again but I have not felt good today. I hope you all stay crystallized and sane.


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