Sincerities and Regrets

At least I got this blog post in before it was no longer under Monday’s rules.

As for apologies, I think I deserve one. After all of this time of moping may I at least have some form of reconciliation? To be honest sometimes I feel that the truth breaks through this desire to have an apology. How could such a strong word dictate what I can or cannot do? I must accept that some people do not change and their carved words will only ingrain themselves to the point of anguish.

You know of those classic anime battles that occur within? The ones where the villains have this pain that they cannot let go of and it leads to their demise? *Grunts* Nagato. However, as humans with thought processes we can see past these with enough strength and support. After a while of groaning I can start to see no point in trying to relinquish this apology from someone else. I can only grow individually and if I am trying to change someone else’s life then I am only going to expect hardships.

After all of these years of hearing to people telling me this I have finally listened to it and interpreted it. Never did I think that some of the people who have crossed my path would be the ones to inspire a post of mine, a thought, an ideal. I thank anyone who is reading this who ever gave me any advice and forgive me if I was too close-minded at the time to listen to you.

Thank you everyone, and I apologize for the delay, I had so much time to write this today but I cannot believe I forgot. Stay crystallized.



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