For your consideration…

Luxury is something a cheap college student like myself does not experience often. I have found very inexpensive ways of treating myself to things that will help relax me. I usually go out for a nature walk and that for me is a luxury because in cities that do not have a lot of forests or swamps, free time in nature is something hard to come across. I try to take advantage of all of the leaves I can see billowing in the wind in the comfort of mother herself.

Being with a caring person also has proven to be a luxury. For someone that is sad, being with someone who is not in the slightest bothered by your constant grey clouds is truly comforting. I never thought I would have to rely on someone else for my emotional stability but that might be what I put myself in a relationship for.

One of my other things I enjoy doing that I consider a luxury is obsessively Rupaul’s Drag Race episodes and web series. Some people’s close-mindedness does not allow for them to be able to watch this so I find it to be very luxurious to be able to watch this with no judgment.

Also, I have been looking at too many DIY projects online and I am looking forward to creating lots of sugar scrubs in the near future. One of these Fridays I will be probably sharing the recipe I used and showing some pictures. Maybe I will also be dedicating a weekly post to a new DIY project? Who knows what the future holds for my blog but I am continuing it nonetheless.

Anything you consider to be luxurious can be if you believe in it. Just love yourself before you can love anyone else.

Have a great few days and always stay crystallized.



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