Sketchbook 10: Rainbow Bipolarity

Hi everyone. Sorry for not uploading this on Wednesday but I forgot my laptop at home, I promise to keep the regular schedule but next Friday I am moving in to my dorm so I’ll see what I post. Maybe photographs from my vacation at Marco Island.

So in today’s Sketchbook opening I have a very colorful creation that really makes me smile every time I look at it. It has everything I love in life: doily, rainbows, and greyscale. I found these doilies from a restaurant and if you look closely enough you can kind of see oil stains and grease patterns in the central doily. On the left I used simple black and grey watercolors and it was very easy to fill in most, if not all, of the holes of the doily. Since I did not use all of the colors I used on the right, it was difficult to add different shapes and not make it look too boring and plain. I first started to appreciate greyscale when I transferred to my second high school, Ferguson, because the uniform was greyscale. I love the color white and black and everything in between, so this side obviously means a lot to me. I also used this to represent how I envisioned my personality starting in Junior year of IB Art. I used greyscale to show my dark side that no one knew of me.


To make it symmetrical I used the same swirl patterns and placement of the doilies on the right. For this side I clearly had a lot more of everything to work with. I made sure I used the plain versions of the colors of the rainbow on the doilies themselves but for the little squiggly lines I tried to use variations of the colors and the blue hues turned out divine. Light blue tones are my favorite colors, especially pale/pastel blue and sky blue. I like for this side to be almost like a tie-in to my jovial side, the side in which I can present myself to my friends and be funny and outgoing. I never like to show the greyness of my life so this side masks the ugly and emotional parts of my life.

As a thank you for the constant streaming of views I am going to post some personal pictures tomorrow of my new crystals and a new bandana. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Stay crystallized!



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