The Human Spirit

That’s right, bitch. The human spirit is complicated.

At times I start to think what our lives would be like if we did not emotionally react to traumatic experiences. Recently, a friend of mine has been going through the single most difficult event anyone could live with. Death. Now I know a lot of my Monday posts are very morbid but this needs to be addressed. We get so attached to people and I enjoy it, no matter what happens. Heartbreak, rejection. Two unfortunate things we as humans experience due to reliance on acceptance. However, when we are rewarded with these blessings, our souls are replenished and true art emerges.

In our lifetimes, death is not to be escaped. It is something that is a part of nature and it genuinely sucks. As someone who used to want to be dead, it is not an issue I like to talk about. We are constantly reminded that we need to be around people and that takes skill. In all commercials you always see people gathered, celebrating life, that it takes a true analytics expert to see that solitude is also key. I read a transcript of a speech given to a school of JROTC students and the speaker was explaining how important it is to relinquish your social life every now and then and reclaim the silence within your mind. Not necessarily meditation but maybe taking a long bath, listening to Psychemagik, and scrubbing yourself with a mixture of oils, honey, cinnamon, sugar, and coffee. You’ll smell great and feel like a newborn child.

I hope some of you find beauty in silence because if you do you are probably already halfway there to being crystallized.

Have a great rest of the day and I will see you all on Wednesday.



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