Sketchbook 11: Saddened Foliage + Gender Ambiguity

So for this week’s Sketchbook openings I have two pages done almost entirely with ink.

One night in my aunt’s house I was bored at a family gathering so I started to draw one of her plants sitting on her counter. I was very inspired because her house and backyard both have lots of foliage staring at you from every angle. With the excitement of being around lots of plants I got to doodling and drew some of her plants and created some of my own flower shapes. Obviously withering and decay is a common theme in my art so I decided to add some of those motifs in this page. The opposite table things are just there for space-filling purposes because my high school art teacher always told me I left too much space untouched by art so I always have that in the back of my mind but I find beauty in emptiness, so I don’t care about what people think.


On the second page I have an image of people kissing, obviously. Their genders are up for question because I drew on one of those basic tumblr girl chokers that I may or may not own. The glistening beauty this kiss possesses is something I covet every day of my life. LGBTQ relationships and their public displays of affection give me life without being in one. In the future I plan to embrace that aspect of my life instead of hide it and I await that day. It is untouchable, unreachable, and unknown. Those outside cannot touch it, cannot reach it, and for some people it is unknown. I created the faces on this page without lifting the pen from the page and I love that process in art. Creating messy yet articulate images.

I hope you all had a great day, stay crystallized, and I’ll see you all in the swamp.


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