The Start of a New Year

I never thought it would be so difficult to manage a blog and be a full-time college student. For me writing takes a lot of effort because I have to dig into my mind to uncover new ideas and inspirations for these posts. Although I am a day late I am doing the daily post for learning.

Yesterday was the first day of class for me and I feel myself almost addicted to learning new concepts in chemistry and mathematics. For me knowing the hard stuff always struck me as beautiful and being able to tie in the things I learn throughout the class time into my daily life is truly spectacular (that is why chemistry is the best subject, just saying). I never liked history and that was obvious in my get to know me tag which was an essay, honestly. I cannot wait to indulge in the juicy matter that organic chemistry beholds but more than that I am also excited to having more time for self-awareness and judgment. Judgment is not always a negative, when you judge yourself you see your weaknesses and have the ability to mask and deal with them.

I still find true knowledge in the self and the consequences of this are far too grim. Sometimes we deal with it fairly well but other times we subject ourselves to torment, which is the negative outcome of self-judgment. Now that I am also living alone I find it very easy to lose myself in my own thoughts. Luckily I have the friends to bring me back up and distract me form this double-edged sword that is a single-dorm.

Soon enough my creativity will fully blossom and I can finally look at myself as a true warrior in disguise. A fashion wannabe in action. A true DIY goddess in the flesh.

In the meantime let me waste my youth on youtube and the library.

Thank you all and have a crystallizing day.



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