At times, the word society bores me. Don’t refer to everyone as one; put a minute amount of effort into pinpointing your perpetrators and giving them the blame for your distress. It makes you feel more empowered when you are able to have a viscous mentality as opposed to something that has less substance. You are never incorrect for your assumptions, despite what anyone says.

My romantic partner always tells me I overreact to everything, but I am here to tell him that I don’t ever. I simply analyze things in the way that I want to and if that is too much for some people then that is unfortunate.

In an effort to create a more fundamental mindset I am going to write from now on with my shuffle on because who cares if someone knows I have Ke$ha in my library? I feel like a winner now so don’t even try me.

Aside from this, I hope to write more and unwind. You should, too.

Find a community and stick by it to feel supported.

Until you do, stay crystallized.



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